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3:18 p.m. - 2005-05-22
H and Z sitting in a trree.
Everyone, take a seat. Breath deep, let it out slowly.

I am a very happy woman.

I have been thoroughly serviced from head to toe and still have nerve endings tingling all over. My god, but that man knows his way around a woman's body. It started off with lots of hugging and kissing and heart to heart talking at The Bar, oblivious to the fact that we had an audience. Then we moved on to the truck. Then we moved it into the living room, the stairs, then finally the big ass water bed.

A nice, long soothing massage, followed by hours of, well, you know, then another massage, then passed out heaven. We had lots of time to make up for.

H and I have determined that we are deeply In Like. Goals and brains too distant from eachothers' to consider serious coupledom, but my oh my are we going to enjoy the chemistry for now. And Thank God. In fact, at some point we actually said Thank God in tandem, and laughed our silly asses off. There have been too many misunderstandings
(because you know when you get a Zen and a redneck who both have issues together...), and hopeless dating adventures between the two of us, when what we two committment phobes really want is affection, friendship, and the extra super bonus of frequent amazing sex. Or at least as frequent as living over an hour away from eachother can afford.

Oh yes, I am happy. It like a cloud of hormonal darkness has lifted to reveal a brand new Zen. Its a state of being only achieved with the help of a big, ugly, hairy man.

Is it next weekend yet?


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