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5:36 p.m. - 2005-05-26
Scary stuff.
So, I went to the doctor this afternoon. The super special girlie parts cancer genious who took me in because I was so badly mishandled by my last gyno that my doctor got him to take me as a favor even though I was not at risk for cancer.

It looks like that may have been my saving grace. I got sonograms taken three months ago that showed three uterine tumors (benign fibroid) and a cyst in the left ovary. Sonograms taken Monday showed that none of them had changed, which is great.

However, this go round also showed a new tumor, attached to the cyst, that looks suspicious. The sonographers think it is cancer.

The doctor says he doesn't think it is, but I'm having an MRI next Friday to be sure.

I hate this. It scares me.

But, if I have to deal with this crap, and if it does turn out to be cancer, I am in the best possible hands.
Everyone I met in the office, and there were many, said that this guy is a miracle worker bar none. They told tales of cheating death by mere degrees.

So, I am a very fortunate woman.

And the weekend can't come soon enough. I need my friends, and I need some booze. And, believe it or not, I need me some booty. Because if the MRI shows cancer, I'll have to have surgery. And if I have to have surgery, I want to get in as much booty as possible before I go in. I'm still the same Zen after all. Cancer or no.

I'm voting no.

P.S. You know its funny. I just got a gift in the mail from one of my 70 something cousins in New England. It contained a necklace, in silver and gold, of St. Anthony. He's the patron saint of miracles. Maybe I need one? Or maybe the miracle has happened already. Whichever, its good to know he's in my corner if I need him.


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