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9:31 a.m. - 2005-05-26
An Idolriffic entry
Hey, my baby may not have won the competition, but he's already won my heart and respect.

Congrats out to Carrie who won deservedly, because she rocks! She isn't my pick, but she most definately will do Idol proud.

Now, I'm just waiting impatiently for Bo's album to come out. And Constantine's, and Anwar's, and....

Bo - just lemme know when to show up at your first solo concert, OK? Because I can't stand to pay $$ to see anyone other than the above mentioned perform. If I paid good money to see Fran D. sing and mouth off, I would not be able to respect myself.

So, this Cat's gonna wait it out for the good stuff.

Go Bo!!! Roll tide!!!


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