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4:39 a.m. - 2005-05-31
I hate my mother.
Well, my mother has finally done it. She has turned on me because she is freaking out about the new baby. I was waiting for it to happen, and now it has.

Every holiday, every change in situation, every change in job in the family, vacation, any life event, and mom turns into a mega bitch. She is on a rampage.

So, I'm taking a break. No placating lunches, no placating dinners or evenings spent at her house. I'm staying away.

After putting up with her phobias, her psychoses, her demand for attention and oppression, she told me last night that I was to old to bring my laundry home to do it. Apparently I have the age, experience and finances to do this myself, despite the fact that a baby was born in the family, and I had no time to do it at homebecause I was required to hold her fucking had at the hospital and help her prepare and clean up after a dinner she begrudgingly held for my SIL's family.

Yeah, I did that, so I brought over my laundry, and SIL's father, who is a mouthy drunk who looks for every opportunity to get a funny haha in, makea comment about my mom doing my laundry for me.

So, now she's humiliated.

Fuck her.

I just have to figure out how to get dog time in without her being there. She's always there.

Fuck her again.


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