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3:53 p.m. - 2005-06-06
Why I'm upset, and trying new things.
Entry two, three???

I'm doing a really brave thing tonight. I usually cook vegetarian, because I don't do raw meat well. But tonight, I'm cooking turkey meatloaf and veggie crumbles chili. That way, I'll have lots of nice protein in the bod for my workouts this week. Its important when one if trying to make the wobbly parts slightly less wobbly for the good of the cardio vascular system.

I'm on my second round of K1ng @rthur soundtrack goodness. I hadn't realized that Moya (the theme song vocal) was the lead in Cl@nnad, which is one of my most favorite musical groups of all time. I discovered them when I discovered Daniel D@y Lew1s in wet buckskin. That music speaks to my celtic heart, and works so well for the yoga thing too. I wonder if they do concerts? I'll have to check it out.

I also love, love, love The Ch1eftains (it even sounds like men in kilts), Loreen@ McKinnet (sp?) and Enya. All music to cultivate and nurture my celtic half.

I suppose the Russian half is nurtured by vodka. Which I have to admit, I'm afraid of now. Either I got falling on my ass drunk Saturday night on three drinks (yes, I actually fell off my stool - hanging head in shame), or I drank so much I forgot how much I drank.

Either way, heebie jeebies all over. I never want to get sick like that again. I felt green. Granted, there was a higher than usual amount of stress going on -- but seriously...

Yes, detox is good, alcohol is bad.

I'm doing pretty well on the testing front. I'm shaking off the nerves and accepting that what will be, will be, and I have to wait patiently to find out. No matter what, I will be OK.

I guess the thing that bugs me most is that there's a possibility that I'll have to get things removed. And its been my experience that women who get their ovaries removed become asexual bitches who alientate themselves from mankind and rot away.

That happened to my mom (who was mad as a hatter to begin with), and to several of my friends and aquaintences. I really, really, really like my hormones the way they are and don't want them fucked with.

That's what really bothers me.

So there. I said it. Done.

Back to the big ugly men on horses...


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