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4:46 a.m. - 2005-06-09
Today is the day that the doc reads the MRI. Which is exciting. Because knowing is so much better than not.

My visit at home went, well, I don't know yesterday. The dog was great. She missed me. I think she's confused. It made me feel sad.

My mom said hello, then disappeared. My step-dad looked sad, old, and exhausted and asked me to stay. My brother and his emtourage came. I was trying to get out of there before they arrived. They made a big deal out of me leaving.

Well, I wasn't invited. Well, I was, half-assed because I called to say I was going to be by to check on the dog. I was asked if she should set another place. So really, I wasn't welcome anyway. I think I would have barfed up anything I ate anyway. That house has some major bad energy.

One day - I'll have a healthy life.

I'm not giving up my sanity just to keep the peace.


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