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1:15 p.m. - 2005-06-09
On bath products.
Update on the crab farts -

We ended up going to the mall shopping instead, because an uber famous bath and body store was having an uber sale.

This girl likes lotions and air fresheners that smell REALLY strong (any surprise here?). And this place has the strongest.

She bought tons of stuff, including two air fresheners that are meant for the home. She puts them in her car, two at a time to cover her ass stank, and they kinda choke me. I hang my head out the window so I can breathe. I HATE air fresheners anyway.

I, on the other hand, am not interested in this store's wares, because I think they smell artificial, overbearing and nasty. Plus, most of them make my skin itch.

So, I went to the sink, and gave myself a little hand facial, with soap, scrub, a mask, a deep mousturising oil treatment and lotion.

I did get lotion up my nose at one point, and did a quick swipe with a paper towel that probably looked a little suspect. They might be calling me booger girl at that store. Which is OK, because I don't like their stuff anyway. My hands are a bit softer now than they were before I went. And they do smell nice, because I used the new line of pseudo-pharmaceutical, non-smelly stuff which smells herbally like lavendar.

So, all in all, it was a free manicure without the nailclip. But, I did that as soon as I got back to work, and since I don't normally wear polish on my finger nails, it worked out just fine.

I am a bath product whore. Don't get me wrong. But my style is more LU$H (an addiction) and Fruit$ and Pa$$ion (a Canadian brand that is kinda lux, but oh so nice).

I discovered LU$H several years ago, when it wasn't available in the states. I drove 7 hours to Toronto just to visit a real store. I basically moved in for two days, sniffing to my heart's delight. I also stayed in a kick ass hostel (Gl0bal Vill@ge Backp@ckers), which I highly recommend. There were a bunch of other travelers, students and low rent needers, from all over the world, who converged, befriended and clubbed the weekend away with me.

That weekend goes among some of my best memories. I love that instant kinship you can only develop when you travel, especially with Canadians and Europeans. I've ever met more inclusive people.

Which might be why I have intense cravings for travel several times a year. I miss that open culture, and direct eye contact when I get back home. Its such a let down.

Anyway, for those wondering, still no news. But, I'm totally OK now. I mean, I just wrote a book on bath products. Its just a shame that I have no bathtub anymore. And, no, I'm not walking around stinky, I have a shower stall. But I do miss a good soak now and then.


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