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5:13 p.m. - 2005-06-13
Fuck predators.
I try not to get ducked into these things, but the Jacko fiasco has me all heated up under the collar.

If there were no evidence other than that he slept with these children, who were not his own or family, or any other safe, approvable connection, he should be prosecuted for that alone.

And their parents who allowed, and even encouraged this grotesque behavior should be put away for child endangerment and pimping their kids out.

What we will accept as OK in the legal system is gut upheaving.

I know a man who is being tried for downloading kiddie p0rn on his PC in an attempt to find pics taken of him when he was abused as a kid. He is being tried, and may be prosecuted, but this monied, idolized, high powered individual, who is as sick as they come, gets off scott free for what was probably (or maybe I just want it to be) a grave offense.

Jacko is a predator, whether or not he committed grave abuse upon minors. He sucks them in with his land of wonders, separates them from their parents, and teaches them behavior that wouldn't fly in most societies.

These kids are scarred for life, and will carry the shame, humiliation and fear with them for a lifetime. Parents who are at best indifferent, at worst, opportunists and pimps. How does a kid live like that? Without an adequate support system, and the love of family and friends, how do those kids stand a chance?

I'm in prime ass kicking mode. These are the times I wish I were a lawyer, a counselor and a mother all wrapped up in one. I'd take all of them if I could. Let em know that they are OK, and whole and wonderful.

Fuck predators...


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