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10:26 a.m. - 2005-06-17
Crazy locksmiths and cute boys.
Last night I arrived home from:

THE MOST EXPENSIVE FUCKING WORKOUT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the the gym, keys fell out of the gym bag and into car, door shut.

The most unfortunate thing is that I just got my keys copied, and they were in the car too.

I can't help but feel I'm being punished for something. But, it will not keep me from going to the gym, damnit! Lemme tell you, after 60 bucks to get back into my car, I worked out every little muscle I could find on my body.

And survived the crazy, cranky, offensive, smelly man from NYNY who came to "rescue" me in his big, bad tow truck, yet cussed out every Tom, Dick and Jane who asked him to move said tow truck in order to get out of their parking spaces.

I think I'll find a new time to go to the gym for now on...

Or wear a bag over my head for a couple weeks until the memories of the crazy offensive locksmith in the big, bad tow truck dim a bit.

On the positive side, I got a date out of the deal. There was another guy on the lot who also locked himself out of his car, and we tried to team up on the guy to get a discount. It didn't work, surprise, surprise, but we bonded over our mutual stupidity, and defense against the lock dude.

He thanked me for trying to sway the guy into a discount, by taking me out for a hydrating sports drink after our workouts.

We didn't have a lot to talk about, except how we were going to do all sorts of miraculous things to hide keys, etc. And we talked about working out, and the gym, etc.

It was nice. He was cute. Like, the kind of cute a sorority girl would go for. Since we workout at the same time, I'll probably see him again. He's a young one, but who the hell cares. I'm trying to adjust my standards given most of my suitors tend to be very young, very perverted or very unclean. So, I'll adjust the age limit to over 21 and have done with it. I'll even make exceptions for good looks.

But no exceptions will be made for perverts (meaning letches and stalkers, not slightly perverted fun boys) and body odor challenged individuals. That will never be on the ballot.

Oh, and his name? I don't remember...


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