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4:40 p.m. - 2005-06-27
Where do the Zen's go?
Entry two:

Things I'm good at that I could be paid for =

I'm cute. Does anyone pay for cute?

No, seriously, I can build things like furniture.

I can replace windshield wipers, headlights, brakelights, fluids, etc.

I can decorate.

I can make people do things.

I was an excellent waitress before my spine went wonky. I'd LOVE to do that again.

I could probably bartend.

I do a great presentation.

I can be visionary and creative.

I can talk to very techie types and very customer service oriented types and make them talk to eachother nicely.

I can write OK.

I can speak redneck and cosmopolitan.

I can do yoga and meditate.

I am gracious.

I can cook/bake.

Things I can't or don't like to do:

I can't get my DVD player to work with the cable box to save my life :(

(OOOH! Maybe I'll go find the cute highlander who installed the box for me and offer brownies in exchange for DVD player services?)

I can't carry heavy things.

I can't spend loads of time in the direct sunlight.

I can't be without health insurance.

I HATE doing spreadsheets, statuses, project plans, listening to people talk to hear themselves talk, playing daycare mom to grown adults, being played with, threatened, challenged ina bad way, etc. (Pretty much anything I do for work right now.)

I can do pretty much anything else.

I will hate giving up my four weeks vacation and ten years seniority.

Hmmm. Where do I go next?


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