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12:45 p.m. - 2005-07-06
Idiocy and dying my hair.
I scored a free dinner AND laundry priveleges at my god-kids' house for tonight. Which is a really good thing, because I flooded my kitchen a few nights ago (oops)and used up all my towels. But the kitchen is really really clean now.

My friend has just returned from a weekend trip to take her daughters to visit daughter #1's bio-dad's family. When #1's mom got remarried, the current husband adopted the kid, and the bio-dad wrote her off.

Now, keep in mind that my friend fled her house with kid in tow because her husband was abusive and destructive. And his family were all looney as toons.

Since my friend never has enough stress in her life (just major money issues and at least one child with several different mental illnesses) she decided it was time for the kid to meet her other family. Like the kid needed the extra stimulation.

Apparently the trip did not go well, because nobody changed in the least and my friend was shocked.

Um... Duh.

Anyway, she invited me over to dinner so we can chat and go over things in detail.

(I will not be judgemental. I will not be judgemental. I will not be judgemental.)

Its at times like these that I am so glad to be me. I'm really relishing me-dom.

Oh yeah, and I died my hair last night. I haven't been able to bring myself to do it ever since watching the funeral episode of Deadw00d last season. That scene where Al was being serviced, and he notices that she's a human being and asked, "Do you dye your hair?"

It killed me! Laughed so hard, but also caught onto the poinency (I have no idea if this is how its spelled) of the moment.

Anyway, whenever I look at the hair dye boxes, I feel dirty and don't want to do it.

Its not the act that makes me feel dirty (the dying or the servicing). Its the image of Al getting services that looms in my head. Eeew.

Yes, I am a freak of the first order.

Hopefully, I will get to see the rest of the first season this weekend between going out to play and floating in the pool. The charactors developed and changed so much between seasons. Its facinating to watch it kind of backwards and see where they came from.

Oh yeah. Can anyone tell me if Mr. W00 eats people? There was that scene when they fed Tim or Ned or whoever and whatshisface delivers the body covered in rags or something. And he shows the body, and next to it a red blob. Was that blob a body part for Mr. W00 to eat?

Again, ewww. But I can't stay away.

Its like when I watched Seven, and I was so grossed out I was curled up in a ball with a blanket over my head. But I couldn't stop watching. Just couldn't.

This is why I infuse fluffy romance novels and books into my brain. I require balance.

Anyway, I probably have something important to do...


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