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3:27 p.m. - 2005-07-07
G-8 and The Brits
I completely understand why the news anchors and politicians want the G-8 to stop talks about poverty and AIDS in Africa to focus intensly on defeating terrorism today. I do understand it.

But I hope to God they keep the faith, and continue the aid discussions, being both realistic and generous. Thousands of children alone die in Africa daily because their parents had AIDs or lack of available food. So many children die because the terroristic tribal majorities keep the food and medical supplies, which generous westerners donate huge amounts of money for, from getting to the people that need it.

The effects of terrorism aren't limited to the western world. They run rampant in Africa and other third world nations/continents. But it seems these nations take a back burner because they don't have WMD that could readily harm us in the west. And they don't provide us with fossil fuels.

So, to the members of the G-8:

Please don't forget your obligations to the defenseless children of the world over. A few days of reactive posturing won't do anybody any good. Do what you went in there to do and prepared thoroughly for.

I don't really understand the entire G-8 process. Its not something I've studied or researched. But I know it is intended to make great decisions and effectively change the world so to speak.

I'm pretty jaded, but I hope out hope.

I got news that all my co-workers and their families in the U.K. have been accounted for. One was injured in a tube explosion, but was treated and released. So I feel blessed and grateful.

And angry to the core at the bastards that lead, plan, arrange, perpetrate, facilitate, support or ignore these crimes against humanity. I know that I can do nothing to comfort the strangers who lost loved ones, or are suffering from injuries. But, maybe they will know that people are thinking about them, and sharing in the rightous anger.

I don't feel very Zen right now. I guess that's when I need to meditate and breathe the most. A good thing to occupy myself after babysitting the god-kids tonight. I'll need it doubly.

Hugs and kisses everyone.


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