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10:14 a.m. - 2005-07-12
Coming round again.
I'm so excited! My local Massage School and Healing Arts Center is having their annual open house this weekend! Yay! This place has a kind of magic for me. It has the most powerful positive energy I've ever experienced on the earth. I've been drawn to it over and over, and sometimes go just to sit under a tree and meditate.
Aside from the massage and various healing arts, there are Yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais and chakra balancing demos so much more all on top of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

I have to admit that the last year has been less than stellar for me. All the work, family, money and medical stress have blown my Zen happy making efforts out of the water. Its been ages since I've meditated, done yoga or sat still in silence. I've walked away from my spiritualism and self care routines. I've been so unbalanced that I've become touchy, insensitive, inattentive and downright rude at times.

I didn't notice how bad it had gotten until I got the call from the Open House Coordinator making sure I'd be there. It just hit me all at once that I've been neglecting what has been a constant source of good and light in my being in my efforts to clean out the gunk and become more real.

Maybe its time to start balancing out the polarities and seek enlightenment in a more Zen-like way. Not that I'll stop my other methods of self-improvement. But, my other side is calling me to come back to the light. LOL!

Anyway, I'll go Saturday and see what the experience brings.

________________________________________ Oh, and on a hair note? My god it sucks. I haven't had a haircut this bad since 1982 when the stylist turned my Farrah Faucet into a mullet from hell with Caesar bangs. I might have to go to an expensive place just to get it reshaped a bit. Now, back to Zen. I shall not be vain, I shall not be vain...


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