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10:08 a.m. - 2005-07-13
I was watching the news this AM and caught some coverage of the London bomber who was caught. For christ's sake, he's just a kid. I hope the men who manipulated and brainwashed him rot in hell very painfully.

At 22 this guy should have been drinking beer, getting laid and being late to his first job, not contemplating killing people as well as himself because some evil nutball with a power trip took him under his wing and brainwashed him into beliefs that were not his own to begin with. I wonder how young he was when they first started to embed their fanaticism into his brain and heart?

At 22, he made a consious decision to mass murder and he should and will pay for his heinous crime. But, what short of censorship of religious beliefs and speech could have prevented the original crime perpetrated upon his heart, mind and soul? When the British police definitively find out who led these kids from the get go, I hope they are tried for accessory to murder or worse.



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