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6:07 p.m. - 2005-07-14
Things they don't teach you in school.
You know you need a caretaker when you buy a window air conditioner because it was really big and really cheap, but it needs a special kind of industrial strength outlet.

Why don't they teach you these things in school? Everyone can make toast, or open a can of spagettios, or donate a shirt to goodwill because it lost a button. But school doesn't prepare you for checking the oil level in your car or special uber plugs for air conditioners. They also don't tell you about teach you how to flip a breaker switch or turn off the water main if your house is flooding.

I for one have learned all these things through experience. But it sure would have been nice if I had gotten the manual.

I did, however, teach myself to change my windshield wipers, change a spark plug, replace head and tail lights and repair drywall/plaster walls with my bare hands and a little putty.

I also just figured out that my computer has been running three hours slow since I got it because it was set on Pacific time. I fuckin rock! (Really hanging head in shame, because I've had this PC for over two years.)


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