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9:33 a.m. - 2005-07-18
Another weekend in Assholia.
A VERY busy weekend. I sold my excess furniture, saving me 105 a month for storage!!! Yippee!!! Unfortunately, it was at 8am on a Saturday morning, but I was still able to muster up a happy dance.

I also made it to the super wonderful open house, where I met the afore mentioned red haired masseause who, by the way, would look devastating in a kilt. (Drooling...) And received a Reiki treatment that straightened out my hips. I have a habit of sitting with my left leg under my right thigh that torques my hips and knees out of whack. It feels comfy at the time though.

Massages and caragem bed treatments, tree meditation, labyrinth walking, product testing and herbal tinctures - it was sensory overload.

Being thoroughly detoxed, I didn't feel like drinking so I was the DD for our outing to the concert. Which we didn't make it to, because H met up with us at The Bar for a quick drink before we shuffled down the the venue. And also because it was raining sheets all night and I thought it was better to stay home, so to speak, then drive out in the heavy rain with a bunch of drunk drivers.

The night perked up a bit when the humongous football dude walked in, and with H playing pool with Sully in the back, there was no visual interference. I've decided that he's pretty, but not prettier than me, so he is indeed a feast for the eyes. Its so cute when guys ask him football questions. His face lights up and he gets really animated. You can tell he has a deep love of the game. Kind of like when I talk about massages and Reiki. And large, red headed men with skills.

Oops. There I go again...

Anyway, the dude was talking to a gent I affectionately, or no so affectionately, call Swas. Yeah, that's why. Not so open minded that one. Anyway, Swas said something rude about my cleavage and I hit him really hard on the shoulder. REALLY hard. Like lots of pent up aggression about him and his racial slurs all coming out in one big whallop. It was REALLY loud too.

You don't disrespect the girls.

He was looking all offended and hurt, and I turned my nose up at him an dlooked toward the football dude. He had a gleam in his eye and shook his head, and asked if I did spankings too.

I man who is four times my size and height asked if I do spankings! ROFLMAO!

I'm not a dominatrix, I just hit men who are disrespectful toward my body.

I guess I have a bit more redneck in my makeup than I thought.

It did feel awefully good. I should hit nasty Na$i boys more often.

We finished off the evening in high asshole style at the local diner, where H and I played straw wrapper hockey and Sully told everyone within earshot of the top 5 poops he's ever had. I'm not sure that was good for business. But, we enjoyed ourselves.

Oh yeah, and I got to eat crabs yesterday at Six's parental abode. It doesn't get much better.


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