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11:28 p.m. - 2005-07-19
An ungraceful end to a super terrific day.
As I was basking in the glory of being 10% raise girl, I walked out to my car, proceeded to fall off my platform shoes that make me feel important, and cut a huge gash on my left knee and toe.

Not very executive, huh?

I look like I've come out of a 10 car pile up. All bandaged and feeling like a huge ass. There was an audience you see. Half of them squirmed because of the blood, the other half sat me down (actually I tried to stand up, and fell back on my ass) to administer first aid.

One pair of well fitting work pants has now morphed into oe pair of well fitting beach shorts.

Knee, not so pretty, but I think I'll proably live to tell the tale for years to come.

The offending shoes are now in the garbage, along with all other same type trendy shoes that I can possibly fall off of.

None so graceful are we Princesses of Assholia. But then, Asshole does not spell Grace backwards, does it?


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