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12:32 p.m. - 2005-07-20
They brand assholes.
Sixweasels was kind enough to share a bit of wisdom last night when I called her because I had to tell someone who would empathize (not only sympathize) about me assing up my leg in front of an audience.

She let me in on a secret she's known from birth, and has been holding out on me, until now.


Yup. Like Texas Longhorns, Assholes get branded so that the overseers can keep us separate from the rest of the flock. And so the rest of the flock can see us from a distance and steer clear.

That's what happened last night. I was getting all big headed and full of self importance because of the raise, and fate dealt me a whallop in the ass to remind me that I'm not one of THEM (the normal, corporate, nuclear family types), but one of THOSE (the inherently fuckupables who may seem to blend in, but are, in fact, Assholes.)

Therefore, I will carry the scar on my knee to remind me and everyone else of my Assdom.

I will wear it with pride damnit!

I am a card carying member of Assholia, and if it takes a branding to get me the lifetime membership, so be it.


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