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10:37 a.m. - 2005-07-25
My role models.
I've just got to say, that no matter what happens, Sixweasels and Mr. Six are my greatest role models for marriage. I, who've been scared shitless of committment since 1992, have found my greatest hope in their relationship. Even now, when times are the toughest, and their challenges seem insurmountable, they are trying really hard to be honest and raw with eachother. There is love there. All kinds of love. They are working hard to make it through these changes and waves of isolation and in the end, I know they will both thrive in one way or another.

It goes to show us that the metamorphosis is never really complete. Those who seek enlightenment, in whatever way that they do, will always be growing and changing and that's not always in opposition to a relationship. But, sometimes it sure seems to be.

I'm quite proud of my friends. My family. In so many ways over the years these two people have been my brother, my sister, my care takers, my teachers and mentors, and my safe haven from my inner and outer demons. They have provided me with a real home, even if its only a couch or a futon in the living room on the weekends. I hadn't had a real home since my dad died when I was nine.

They have supported me through my own metamorphosis over the last 13 years or so. The break-up with my heavily closeted gay boyfriend from highschool/college, my attitude adjustments, my stylistic changes, my tenuous half steps toward finding a relationship of my own, no matter how badly I've fucked it up again and again ; ))

Anyway, I just wanted to say about how I was so proud. They are truly living. Inside and out. Good and bad. No matter what.

That's cool.


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