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2:25 p.m. - 2005-07-29
Bank boo boo.
I guess I have to take the good with the bad, and the bad hit last night.

I discovered, via a letter from my car insurance company indicating that I'm being cancelled due to failure to pay my monthy fee, that my bank has been double and tripple posting my purchases for the last two weeks, putting double holds on my overdraft line o credit and charging me 35 bucks a piece for each "overdraft". To the tune of my entire account being wiped out, as well as my overdraft line of credit, plus a thousand or so.

Plus, they closed my account/canceled my check card.


I've spent the majority of last night and this morning/afternoon on the line with their presidential unit correcting this mess, and getting my account back in order.

I also got a letter of apology and explanation that I can forward to my insurance company which will hopefully make them not cancel my policy.

I don't think they will, but cross your fingers anyway.

I have been planning to close my account there anyway, but this will surely speed things up.

I might start hiding my cash in a jar under the mattress if this keeps up.

The good thing is I only almost lost it once last night, when the first customer service agent told me that I just spend too much, but quicky recovered, breathed deeply, and have managed to keep my blood pressure down through the entire experience, thus saving myself from being the victim of an early stroke. The Celt half comes out at times like this, but my Zen half kicked her ass back this time, and I am healthier for it.

But, boy oh boy, am I ready for a little assholery tonight to shake off the extra steam.


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