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7:38 a.m. - 2005-08-01
Knee saga.
Warning - gross entry ahead.

Well, I really assed it up this time. My knee started bleeding again profusely yesterday, so much so that I've ruined another pair of jeans, and ended up at urgent care to get the bleeding stopped. The damn thing had been alternatig between numb and very not numb for a couple days, and finally opened up again in the afternoon.

On the plus side, a hot doctor felt me up all over (doctor stuff he said, with a wink) and I giggled when he got to my tummy. My tummy is only slightly less ticklish than my feet. Meanwhile, my leg was propped up in the air with a compression bandage.

Anyway, when I ass something up, I do it good. I was lectured about the importance of getting stitched when one busts one's knee wide open to as to prevent profuse bleeding and promote healing.


He also made me promise that I had indeed thrown away all those nasty platform shoes, like the ones I was wearing when I teetered...OK.. shot into the stoop knee first.

If you spot a coupon for self containment bubbles, send one my way.

________________________________________ You know, Xat left me a note saying that all banks should hang a sign above the door reading, "Abandon hope all ye who enter here." I think my soul read that the moment before it entered my body when I was conceived, and said, "What the hell, this is a free ride anyway!" Oh, how wrong my soul was... I break my foot while sleeping, break my wrist while drinking, break my ankle while walking on asphalt... Abandon hope is right...


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