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9:51 a.m. - 2005-08-03
Natural remedies for stupidity.
Go read entry one if you're in a sappy mood.

This one might be gross, but I consider it a public service announcement.

You know that injury I had (have) on my knee that I should have had stitches for, but was too macho (in a female way) to go to the hospital at the time?

The fucker wasn't healing. Then I had that incident Sunday where it started gushing blood and had to go to the hospital to get treatment.

So, the hot doctor gave me a new method of bandage. Its a small piece of gauze (not the padded kind), just large enough to cover the wound when folded twice, wet with saline solution, squeezed till damp, applied to wound, then covered with several thick layers of gauze, then an ace bandage.

The process of wicking pulls the nasties out of the would and promotes healing.

Its really cool if you have a strong stomach. Which I don't, but I can still get the coolness. Plus, no antibiotics or anything. A completely natural treatment.

So now, the several inch gash is just under an inch long. In a few more days, I'll be home free.

Even the scarring won't be so bad.

The miracle of natual remedies.

Now, for the second instsallation of this public service annoucement:

If you can't walk in a straight line in sneakers on flat asphalt, throw away your trendy platforms. Leave them to the teenagers and goth freaks.

Now, go on about your day, and try not to fall on your ass or anything.


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