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1:05 p.m. - 2005-08-09
Creepy dreams.
Entry two:

I have to write about the dreams I had last night, because the creepiness is sticking in my mind like residue.

The first one took place in a huge, dark, marble, underground crypt that resembled a gothic church inside, with endless cathedral ceilings, dark corners and extreme creepiness. I was able to fly, which was cool, but I was using my skills to hide from someone evil. Going between the slats of the marble intricate supports that spanned from ceiling to floor. I have the memory of trying to save someone from the evil guy, as if I were some sort of super hero, but the dream ended with me being high up in the ceiling, floating behind a pillar, looking down on the floor where the creepy evil guy was searching for me, but thankfully, not looking up.

I did manage to fall back to sleep and resist going back into the dream, which was cool. I've never been able to give my brain orders while I was asleep before.

The second dream was also dark, but was outside, rainy. I was buying an SUV, and there were two of them at this dealership in the middle of an abandoned field. Both were used. The one I wanted was bigger, and about twice the price of the other. But inside, it was torn up and threadbare, and the engine didn't run well.

The other was smaller, but intact, and had yucky red velvet interior. It took me a while to decide, but I went with the smaller one.

The weird thing is that the vehicles were magical, and were not just cars, but entire worlds inside. It was as though I was choosing which one I would live in. I remember making sure that my friends and family would fit in it.

I'm not sure what my brain is up to. I've never been too terribly intuitive about my dreams. My nightmares are always themed around death, torture, dismemberment and evil chasing me. But the second dream was a new experience. It wasn't bad, or creepy, but still dark and weird.

Anyone want to give it a shot?


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