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9:52 a.m. - 2005-08-09
The Bathtub issue
I finally broke down and put in a teeny tiny order with LU$H which arrived yesterday.

I got foot lotion that smells like D0uble Mint Gum, and feels like silk, Happy H1ppy Shower Gel, which definately wakes me up with its bitter grapefruity scent, but I wouldn't call it my favorite sniff, and Skin Sin Body Lotion which smells weirdly like candy, cherries and calamine lotion, I think... You can never quite tell with LU$H. They throw the craziest stuff together and somehow it smells like the best stuff you've ever had the opportunity to sniff. Like those crazy Vosge$ Chocolates (or something like that). They mix chocolate with weird spices like curry, cayenne, wasabi and paprika. And people pay a hell of a lot of moola for them, so they must be good. I've never tried them.

I just really like weird stuff. Life isn't interesting enough if you smell like the same old crap all the time. Like raspberry or pina colada lotions. Nothing new there. But, mix flowers, herbs, fruits and we're getting somewhere. The only scent I like as is is French Lavendar. It has to be French. And powerful. Its the single most relaxing thing ever. I got this shower gel from Elem1s once that damn near knocked me out with its aroma. It was a gift, because nobody can afford 40 dollar shower gel. Well, maybe somebody can, but I for one prefer to get at least 4-8 fancy bath products with my 40 dollah.

Putting in this order made me accutely aware that I have no bathtub. Its not like I use an outhouse or anything, there IS indoor plumbing. I just have a simple little shower stall.

LU$H has new bath bombs out that I need to try, and I have no place to put them. No kaboom in the bathroom for me. Well, unless H or Sully visit and there's a deafening sonic boom, but that's an entirely different experience.

Next apartment/home will have a bathtub. What WAS I thinking?

I'm dying for a two hour long soak with a good book and some happy music.

There. I had nothing to write about today, and I managed to write a novel on bath products that smell weird. Not a bad morning's effort.


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