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9:51 p.m. - 2005-08-11
Coming home.
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I just spent the last hour or so in deep meditation and yoga practice. I'm discovering my body again. Finding the bones that connect to eachother, and the muscles that support them. Finding tight ones and starting to loosen them up.

I did a lot of work on my spine, along with hip openers and heart openers. I've been crunched over for too long. The issues I have in my abdomen tend to make me go onto protection mode and curve in. Which is exactly the wrong thing to do when you want energy to flow evenly from top to bottom and flood into problem areas to correct problems. Hunching and cowering restrict the flow of vital oxygen and nutreients to those parts.

I have herby candles burning, beautiful meditation music on, the lights out and my mat laying gracefully on the floor as an invitation to practice one of my greatest passions. I'm leaving it there for the time being.

The energy rush I get when I do yoga is in full force right now. It usualy lasts for an hour or two. Which makes doing it at night a little odd. But I can usually find something to help tire me out and shut off the circuits in my brain that go into rapid fire when my brain is feeling exhilerated by the newly invigotated blood flow.

I learned yoga at night with a local teacher. A real yoga teacher, who studied with John Friend and other famous teachers. She is the real deal, through and through, and has inspired me to make incredible changes in my body, heart and mind.

So, I have an affinity for yoga in the dark hours. Its where I began.

I think I'll head off now, to find that trick that will help me snuggle down to a quiet night's sleep.

Maybe I'll dream good dreams tonight.


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