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9:26 a.m. - 2005-08-12
The universe really is one.
I just got this newsletter from Yoga Journal and the following was the topic:

"This week, challenge yourself to see how much you can dissolve the boundaries between your "yoga body" and your "daily life body. Explore your relationship with your body by assigning it the role of teacher. Listen to the feedback it provides, both in and outside of your classes. Feel gratitude toward the body, dissolve negative thought patterns and find grounding and neutrality in Prasarita Padottanasana and Savasana."

How appropriate after my last entry...

This weekend I'm looking very forward to celebrating SIXWEASELS' BIRTHDAY!!! Our girl is gonna be 35. A milestone year. So we are going to celebrate all weekend long. At some point, H is taking us all to the new bar with the Titty Guy again to play games and drink to our hearts' content. They make killer vodka drinks. I'm assuming that its All Titty All the Time, and that he will be on hand for birthday serenades. He's actually not bad looking, but is loopy as hell, so I won't be paying him to strip for the birthday girl. (You're welcome.) There will be pool time and there will be crab of some sort, because you can't celebrate in Bawlmer without blue crabs.


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