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6:18 p.m. - 2005-08-12
Numbah two:

Damn I have a lot to say lately. If I were bi-polar, I'd say I was in a manic episode. But I'm not, so its just me being extra mouthy.

I had a half day off today (whoopee!) and used a gift certificate for a pedicure I got for my tenth anniversary at THE JOB.

I've never gotten a pedicure before, because I have ticklish feet from hell. But, I braved it and you know? It was kind of nice. The only part that really tickled was the scrubby part, and my foot was wiggling around of its own volition, knee jerking, hips shifting, giggling to high heaven.

But, bless the manicure woman. She held on to those feet like a tiger with a piece of meat and did her job with a fierceness you'd expect of a mercenary.

My toes are now smooth, lovely, and quite blaringly purple. I love them.

I followed up that bit of pampering with a trip to the Cer@gem Wellness center where I hopped on a bed, writhed in pain and came off a new woman with a straighter spine. The place is based on a philosophy of generosity, and caring, so they don't charge for the use of the beds. The beds are basically chiropractic in nature with some eastern oriental healing. Jade rollers (Jade is healing) roll up and down your entire spine to the outside of the vertebrae, pushing up, putting 4 inches of infrared heat (120 degrees) into your muscles and organs.

If you want to know more, go to They have free centers all over. Read about the benefits of spine alignment while you're there. Its amazing what an out of alignment spine can do to all of your systems.

And that was my public service announcement for the week.


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