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8:29 p.m. - 2005-08-15
More crap.
Entry three:

Between Janie (reference notes) and I, we have found the perfect way to scout out a Zen-man.

Go to Renn Fest, locate men in kilts, scream at a bug and see who comes running over to kill it for me.

Two requirements down, possibly three. It would take a bit of empathy and kindness to rescue me from a bug.

Sixweasels helped me out on the car front too.

Sometimes I forget that Sully knows something about cars, because I always associate him with beer. Sully = Beer.

I have all I need right under my nose. Isn't it always that way.

Now, to clairfy - the kilt need not be worn in public, although a kilted man at Renn Fest would be dreamy. It can simply reside in the closet until its my night to pick the evening's "entertainment". As long as it is worn for my benefit from time to time, I'm cool with it.

It doesn't even have to be wool. It can be cotton or synthetic. In fact, I would prefer that because I have a wool allergy. I can make sacrifices for a good time, but there's one I don't want to temp fate on.

Oh! I almost forgot. I got a new cell phone today. One that hasn't been dropped in a thousand times, taken a dip in a pond or gotten spagetti sauce all over it.

I'm hoping this one has a more robust battery than the last one. I think the dunk in the pond really did it in.


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