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12:56 p.m. - 2005-08-17
Take that!
I was at my mom's yesterday evening, visiting the doggie and she started in on the marrying someone rich thing again. She cried, and said that she wants me to marry someone who can take care of me, so I don't have to work, and buy her a Mercedes. Oh yeah, and he should be old so he can be a father figure and won't make me have sex with him.

Ummm, take a good guess what my mother doesn't know about me? Bwahahahah!

I guess she's feeling the new energy I'm putting off and knows that its only a matter of time before I'm taken off the market, so to speak, because I am ready internally to hold up my end of a relationship, while remaining 100% true to me.

She has this whole "we" concept when it comes to marriage in the family. She seems to think that her children married our step-father with her, and that we in turn will marry people who will become surrogate spouses to her.

Its sick. Its twisted. Its not my problem.

I told her very succinctly that I will marry a man who can support himself well enough on his own and will continue to do so within a marriage. That's it. Whether he's rich or not, he just has to be able to take care of himself. Oh yeah, and if we have kids, he has to be able to financially support half of them too. That's as far as I will go with a money requirement.

For the rest, I go back to the previously published requirements list, and that wonderful poem I posted a couple weeks ago.

I didn't discuss those points with her, because it would be even more beyond her comprehension than the money thing, and she doesn't deserve to know that much about me anyway.

I reserve my thoughts, intentions and feelings for people who matter. People I matter to. And this diary.

Its at times like these that I'm SO happy to be me. I can't imagine being anybody else. That's how cool I think I am.

And anyone who doesn't agree may go fucketh themselves. Including mommie dearest.


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