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9:21 a.m. - 2005-08-19
Laundry and boys.
So much for doing laundry last night. The machines were packed all night long. Who does laundry on Thursday night anyway? Even the shifty underpants sniffer takes a break.

I now have to breathe through a straw there are so many clothes piled up around me.

The gym was almost uneventful last night. I had to stop at 20 min, because the lump on my knee was hurting, and instead of pushing and reinjuring, I chose to stop and drink like a camel.

The dude I lust after was there in all his muscled glory. He's a shorter guy, probably 5'8" or 5'9", but man is he beautiful.

I could look at those shoulders all day. And his back is a little hairy too. But is a sort of soft, golden fuzz, like the remainder of what he has on his head. He reminds me of Bruce Willis, right before he went shaved. (OK. I admit. Hairy backs are dayum sexy.)

I wish I had the guts to walk up to him, say want to have it and be successful. But, I usually skip the vodka on the way to the gym. Its just that I'm so much hotter when I'm hopped up on the ol' Sm1rnoff. (LOL!!!)

I am reading W@yne Dy%r's Manifesting your Destiny, though, so maybe I can manifest a destiny where he sees me, and immediately professes his undying love.

I'm such a goober.

Anyway, I went home TO DO UNDOABLE LAUNDRY afterward, and made spagetti sauce, and watched My Big, Fat Greek Wedding instead. I needed some serious fluff after the day I had yesterday. I actually had to learn something. Ick.

The sauce kicked ass. I'm having it over some low carb penne for lunch. The low carb spagetti stuff is great, because its al dente no matter how long you cook it. Zen proof. I still haven't figured out how to cook meat without killing it though. I've ventured up to frozen, boneless chicken breasts (that's as far as I'll go), but they still seem to turn into hockey pucks by the time I'm safely assured that they are done in the middle.

I'd defrost them first, but I'm afraid of defrosted meat. Its looks much less like meat when its frozen.

I also did a very non-Zen thing. I left the dishes in the sink. I rinsed them out, filed them up with soap and hot water, and left them there instead of killing myself to get them done and the kitchen back in order.

I see this as a positive thing. If I don't want to do the damn dishes, the damn dishes won't be done. House Elves ARE real, right?

So - any takers for cleaning my house? Are you feeling sorry for my lazy ass yet?

Shoot. That's what I thought.

Tonight, I really am doing laundry, if I have to physically boot someones ass out of the utility room. I mean, if you're doing laundry on a Friday night, you need a good kick in the ass. Not me, of course, because I have some kickin' Saturday night plans. So, a loser I am not.

There will be boys. There will be booze. There will be no booty call. Damnit! Why can't I find a normal, well adjusted booty call while I wait for my future Zen man to appear? I hate freakin boys...


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