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9:59 p.m. - 2005-08-22
The sweaty/French solution.
I left work earlish today, just because my day was shit and I didn't want to be there anymore.

We have a newbie on one of my teams, and he had to be broken in. I've spent too much time babysitting adults who don't play well together and lie or manipulate the truth to make things seem dramatic just to be an ass.

That just doesn't happen on my projects. I don't allow it. We speak the truth, we don't panick, we respect others and we fix whatever is broken with grace and dignity.


I think he has the scoop now. We'll see how he assimilates over the next couple of weeks. I am an overflowing fountain of smackdowns at work. I'll be great with kids no doubt. One measily adult is nuthin'.

So, I left before my usual 10 hours was up and went to the gym to decompress. I almost died. They got rid of regular elliptical machines, and got ones that are harder and have arm thingies that swing back and forth. At first it was like doing that thing where you pat your head and do a swirly on your stomach. You know?

But I got the hang of it and did 40 minutes of heart pounding cardio. And it erased all the demons of the day and gave me a new outlook. Its weird, I even wish I could hop back on right now. I feel the itch in my thighs and calves, thought my arms are screaming for me to take a hot shower to ease the muscles.

Maybe that earlier entry was more important that I thought. I felt a little groovy tonight.

I went to the grocery after the gym and stocked up for the week. I even went home and cooked a real meal, as opposed to spagetti or some frozen pre-fab deal. On the menu were garden tomatoes sprinkled with fresh grated parm, chicken breasts cooked in wine and celery leaves, with celery and apple sautee, and Plum Clafoutis without dough, and a glass of leftover wine from the recipe.

I went French tonight. And it was good. I am the bomb. I'll have it for dinner tomorrow night and maybe for lunch later in the week. I'm going to try cauliflower gratin on Thursday night. Maybe with more tomatoes. People are lobbing them at me left and right, because we've had so much rain and everyone is overloaded. Bless them.

I'm off now. I'm watching Last of the Moh1cans, and the water fall scene just finished. I love the soundtrack to this. And, of course, beautiful men in buckskin...

Oh - and go take a gander at theswordsman. He gave me a lovely shout out and made my crappy day a bit brighter. I dig diary love. (I swear to god I'm working on it...)


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