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11:17 a.m. - 2005-08-26
A plan.
Something just dawned on me. In my zealot-like fervor to take a fancy vacation somewhere, I've completely forgotten my roots.

I haven't visited my dad's side of the family in 'Bama for a few years. I feel neglectful, and feel neglected myself.

So, there you have it. Two weeks from now, when I have money again, I will be buying myself a ticket to head south in October.

Yay for me!!!

I knew I'd come up with something. And believe me, if you've never been that far South, its like going to another country.

Then I have the cruise to look forward to, then Chicago in the Spring, then ????

I feel much better now. That'll leave me a week to play with for long weekends and such.

This afternoon I'm off to The City to pick up Sixweasels and meet up with Eastportgrl for a lovely dinner by the water and some exploration of places to hang out with acceptable fodder for us single and soon to be single girlies.

I was supposed to get off at 12, but my boss forgot and asked me to cover her while she's on vacation for a couple days. And since she's cool, and really deserves a vacation, I'm going to cover for her. I'll just leave early enough to make it to pick up Six on time instead of playing around all afternoon.

See how everything works out?


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