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1:52 p.m. - 2005-08-27
Mmmmm, firefighters.
We set out to find new places to go and real men to look at, and we hit the jackpot.

After a lovely waterfront dinner, we made it over to a place we'd never been to before (because it wasn't Sully appproved) and headed in. We were immediately greated by Billy B@ldwin (I swear it looked just like him), who threw a couple guys off their stools for us. He even offered to set us up with drinks.

Damn! Where have we been all these years?

Billy was there with a huge group of NYC buddies from the cradle who were conglomerated to wish their soon to be married friend well on his bachelor party evening.

The Six, EPG and I were immediately assaulted by a tall Quentin Tarrantino look a like who was VERY affectionate, and VERY strong, but didn't know how to balance the two. I swear we all woke up with bruises.

He was mesmerized by my shirt, and would just stare, and walk away to rest his eyes, then stare again. He wanted to trade, but told me I'd have to take mine off first.

This one also asked me if I would put my thumb up his butt if we had sex.

How do they find me?

Anyway, one of his buddies, who was a HOT bald firefighter, dragged him off and told him that he couldn't talk to a nice girl like that. AND he couldn't touch a nice girl like that either. (LIKE)

Then he squeezed in between and started asking me about myself. He though it was a teacher or a nurse. I must have looked extra wholesome. He said that he had never hooked up with a woman who wasn't. I asked, "are we hooking up?" and he got all embarrassed, and stumbled over his words, then I grinned at him and he leaned in a kissed me on the cheek. So we chatted for a while, then his big brother (also bald, purr) broke in and demanded to be introduced. Total cock blocker, but very cute. And thus I became a Zen sandwich between two bald firefighters. I got to hear lots of manly stories about walking into buildings that were on fire.

Then the boys did several more Jaiger shots, and the conversation became more like, blah, blah, blah...blah, blah, blah, blah. At which time their limo came to collect their drunk asses and carry them off to their hotel. Which name I was given, but that too was blah, blah, blah.

So, there was no meaningless hot sex with an NYC firefighter, but the sandwiching and kiss on the cheek was nice.

So, this is what happens when we go out as women, instead of Sully's crewmates. I like it. We are going to do it much more often now that we know what its all about.

Oh yeah...


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