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9:04 a.m. - 2005-08-30
An Assholian event.
So, Six, Sully's sis and I go to great legnths to throw a surprise party for him on Saturday, and wouldn't you know it, Mr. Social himself has taken it upon himself to invite every single person he knows, or has met in the last week, giving them Six's dad's address and Sunday as the date.

Sunday was the "red herring" as it were. It was supposed to be a small gathering of his closest friends and he was supposed to let us know who to invite so we knew how much food and beer to get, etc.

Damn his Tigger ass.

So we're trying to contact everyone we know at his workplace to get them to do damage control there. But, knowing him, he's also invited customers, the girl at the local convenience store, the guy who pumps gas, the next door neighbors gardener...

So, the party Sunday that Six's folks are having may be invaded by a multitude of freaks that we don't know or care about.

Only in Assholia...


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