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11:47 a.m. - 2005-09-02
Bawlmer bound.
I got my drunk dial last night which featured the semi-lucid ramblings of Sully, Stevie, H and Sixweasels at the football game. Apparently, Six grabbed Sully's balls and he liked it.

Actually, I hear that what really happened was that Six was walking ahead of Sully and was swinging her arms as she walked, as women do, and accidentally whacked the boys on the boy. But in Assholia, that translates into a full on passionate ball grab.

Six and I are dumping The Boys tonight in favor of an evening in Bawlmer as single-esque ladies about town. I wonder who we'll meet up with tonight?

I've been challenged to identify a man who is very much to my taste and actually talk to it, and come back to D-land with a salacious story to tell.

Till tomorrow...


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