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2:14 p.m. - 2005-09-06
I totally suck. I have a sinus infection, a fever of 101, I feel (and sound like) I am on drugs because my head is so fuzzy, and I need to manage a major implemention for this week, next week and the last weekend of the month.

Hard to do when you sound like a space cadet.

Apparently everyone fell apart at the same time, because I can't get through to the doctor's office to get medical assistance. I normally try to ride things out, but a sinus infection + fever means a throat and chest infection will ensue if not addressed now. And that's really bad news.

I've tried all the natural/homeopathic remedies available to me, preventative and curative, and nothing works. Unfortunately, I need antibiotics, ecause my body is unable to fight off these types of infections. When cuts get infected, I can usually get by with letting my body heal itself.

I like the idea of allergy shots. Its seems like a makes sense remedy. Feed your blood with micro amounts of what ails you until you build an immunity. Its weird, because you'd think that repetetive external exposure would do the trick, but I guess someone know something about these things.

Unfortunately, I have to be dying before my insurance will pay for allergy shots, and I think they might be expensive and entailed. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I needed to whine a bit. My problems are small, but whining helps anyway.


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