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1:31 p.m. - 2005-09-09
A walk in the park.
I met my bookstore friend for lunch today and I feel a bit better. I also bought the soundtrack to Monsoon Wedding (exactly and approximately) and the old movie While You Were Sleeping. Feel good chick stuff.

I needed a treat after all this deprevation.

I think I finally figured out the money thing. I actually balanced my checkbook today and have 200 more than I plan to spend this month. That'll be a nice lil buffer for months to come. I've never had a buffer. Buffers are good.

I'm tempted to spend it on a massage, but I'll stick to the buffer idea until I can budget one in properly.

But boy would it be nice. Maybe I'll give that big redheaded masseusse a call... Hmmm. Mmmm. Dreamy.

Tomorrow I am helping Todd's sis with an event close to home. I'm looking forward to it. All I have to do is talk to people and sell stuff. And maybe have a beer or two.

Sunday I'm working but it looks to be an easy one or two hour deal that will leave me with plenty of time for the gym if I feel totally well, or plenty of time to moosh on the couch if I don't.

I'm in a funk, and plan to do some nice things for myself so I can pop back to my normal perky, assish self. Which is a must given that next weekend is Open Season on Kilted Men at the Fair. I have to be in top form. A mopey Zen would be a real shame.

Perhaps my big, ugly viking will be there again this year. He told us to wear costumes this year, and once again, we are costumeless. So I expect some hazing.

Wench outfits are just so damned expensive.

I'm off to go work some more. Then to get off early to since I'll be working "overtime" this Sunday. I'm going to the park to spend some time with trees. A girl can't go walking in the woods by herself around here. I wish that weren't the case. But it is.

Damn predators.


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