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9:38 a.m. - 2005-09-12
Dreamy men in kilts.
My dreams came true on Saturday.

I was surrounded by big, ugly men in Utilikilts with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING underneath, and I've been having the most raunchy good dreams ever since!

I was working an event selling stuff, and these guys from the wine tent were all dressed up in kilts, and they were HOT!!!

They wandered over one by one to see what I was selling, and ended up piling up around my tent talking dirty and showing me what was under their kilts. I was in heaven...

Not a shrinky dink in the crew. God, but I wish I were a slut. I'd have had them all under a blanket at one time. This was serious Zen manage! I just wanted to shut down for the day and take off with one or two behind a wine barrel.

And that was the morning...

They eventually headed off to their tent to sell wine and make people drunk with tastings. Now and then one of them would wander over with a glass of vino for me to sample, each having his own favorite, or bottle named after him. I have to admit, the wine tasted like the butt end of an animal, but it was worth the occassional flash and bawdy move. I flirted my Zen ass off and got a kiss (or two) for my efforts. My second AND third man in a kilt.

And not only were there raunchy kilted men, but there was a super hot biker who gave me his business card. He said he was selling a soft tail something or other, and I was to call him about it. Like I need a motorcycle... But he was beautiful to look at so I nodded my head and pretended that I understood the differece between a hog and a chopper.

I don't know a thing about bike tails, but I should think a hard one would be more to my liking...

I am a shameless little girl sometimes.

And I like it.


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