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10:46 a.m. - 2005-09-21
I drank a glass of organic ripened plum juice this AM. It was totally yummy. I love plums.

Unfortunately, I did know that plums were what prunes were made of, because I've never gotten into the senior citizen prune scene and I now realize that I just drank a pint of PRUNE JUICE.

Guess where I'll be a few hours from now? Huh? Come on. Just guess.

Some days I wonder what my IQ really is.

I'm still feeling all powerful about having my head out of my ass. (Good thing, huh? Given my breakfast.) I feel at least an inch taller.

I'm debating whether to get my hair finished (she only did half of what I wanted on Friday because we miscommunicated. So my hair on top is grown out with an inch of dark brown/grey sprinklings and the rest washed out bronzish brown, and I have a couple of blonde streaks on the bottom layers, but what I really wanted was a layer of blonde underneath.

So I'm supposed to go back Friday to get that done. But I also have to get my car worked on Friday. But I am unhappy with my hair.

So what to do?

I'll figure it out.


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