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2:25 p.m. - 2005-09-23
Car warm fuzzies.
Guess what? The car repairs are not going to kill me!

The really expensive noises were: an exhaust manifold problem that is covered by warrenty up to 150,000 miles (I am at 147,990), and a problem with the inner sidewalls of my tires coming loose (manufacturor's defect) covered by warrenty. 1000 dollars worth of work all covered, by the skin of my teeth! Two more weekends would have killed my eligibility for the exhaust warrenty.

I still have to shell out 600, but I asked them to do the work that will save my life first, then three weeks from now, I'll have the rest for the work done and pay for it separately.

The dude even looked up coupons to help me out.

So the decision is made. Pay 600 now, and run this baby to 200,000 miles or more and buy a new one in a couple years.

Not the more fun option, but why trade in a ten year old car, and get next to nothing, when it could save me from a car payment for a couple years? I'll deal.

I feel good about it.


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