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11:13 a.m. - 2005-09-28
Karma kicketh me in the arse.
When I drove over to the trash dumpster to dump off my trash this AM before work, I automatically locked the door on my way out and ....shut IT.

Car running, me locked out.

(Shaking head and wrinkling nose...)

Luckily, the HOnda people are right around the corner, and were able to cut a key based on my VIN and came to save me.

AND - they didn't charge me.

I pledged my undying love.

I REALLY need to reverse my karma now. I know that we do these things to ourselves. Nothing bad that we do to ourselves is by chance. I have that whole inner peace thing to work on.

But, boy do I love the HOnda people. I want to marry them all.

Not a bad idea... They're mostly kinda cute and cuddly.


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