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2:58 p.m. - 2005-10-03
Booze is bad for you.
I feel like complete and total shit.

I've been noticing recently how I tend to get sick after a night of drinking. I was miserable yesterday with nausea, a migraine headache, etc. This after only 6 drinks. Which used to be unusual for me, but lately, I get slammed like I've consumed a gallon of 151 after three or more drinks.

I'm considering cutting way back - to no more than two or none at all. The entertainment I get from being tipsy isn't nearly entertaining enough to make up for hours and sometimes days of feeling crappy and nauseous.

Unlike most people, alcohol doesn't calm me down, numb my brain, or settle me in for a good nights sleep. Instead it revs me up, making my thoughts swim in my head at lightening speed, keeping me awake umtil the alcohol has left my system. I get two or three hours, then I'm up, being bored, restless and frustrated because I'm so tired and I really want to sleep.

It sucks.

So why drink? Because I get a little sillier than usual. Because its something to do. Because being around people who drink is fun. Because I like beer, wine and vodka. Because its a habit. I have no problem with not drinking. I don't get any urges or think about it during the week. I don't feel off at a bar without a a booze attached to my hand. Iused to be proud of my tolerance, and enjoy drinking men under the table, but I've since grown out of that.

Whatever payoff I get is not worth walking into work feeling like a hurting zombie and looking even worse. Its not worth two nights of restless sleep and a two day migraine headache that's killing me. Its not worth the fact that anything other than crackers upsets my stomache.

Sully will just have to deal. He's very much the if he's drunk, everyone else has to be drunk too kind of drinker. He'll haze me a bit, he'll get mad, he'll have a hissy, he'll lose all respect for me as a person. But eventually, he'll also get over it.

Besides, I really can't afford it anymore.

Fuck it.

Catch me on a good night, I feel and act drunk without a drop anyway. Maybe I'll just have to tap into my silly side with a bit more gusto.

Booze is bad for you kids...


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