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10:32 a.m. - 2005-10-04
Quizzy thing for fun
6 things to do before I die:
Travel to my top six destinations
Be at peace
Admire myself
Have a family
Pass down wisdom
Never stop trying new things

6 things I can do:
Work knots out of delicate chain link jewelry
Ride a horse
Appreciate weirdness
Have a conversation with someone who I don't share a language with
Make people feel good about themselves

6 things I can't do:
Tolerate scum (soap or people)
Do math/accounting
Be on time every time
Ride in a car long distances
Not wash my hair in the morning without looking like a troll
Listen to music I don't like without gettign grumpy

6 things that attract me to a man:
Strong sense of self
Belief that good is better than evil
Bigger/not as pretty as me

6 things I say a lot:
What the fuck!
Jesus Christ! (I'm working on that.)
Jesus Sully! (That too.)
Oh my God!
I rock!
(I guess I like to exclaim...)

6 celebrity crushes:
Liam Neeson
Gerard Butler
Jimmy Stewart
Magnus (Strong Man Contestant)
Rowan Atkinson
Morgan Freeman


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