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3:09 p.m. - 2005-10-17
Trepedation and coolness.
I had a great weekend. I wrote about Friday night where I kicked some hormonal ass. Saturday night was supposed to be karaoke at The Bar (those who have been there may laugh their asses off now). But it ended up being cancelled due to unpopularity with the regular crowd (anyone surprised?).

Six and I ended up having a lovely catch-up dinner with one of our college friends who has grown up and had a child who she is absolutely in love with. It was really warming to hear her stories about this kid, who speaks in full sentences at two! What a neat experience.

We then wandered off to The Bar to check out the karaoke night was wasn't a karaoke night. Ryan and Dee met us out. I'm trying my best to become more tolerant of Dee. She is probably a nice enough girl. I did enjoy her company, mostly, but she seemed to become a bit competetive/beligerant with me. It just figures that the moment I decide to open my mind about her she goes the other way.

I guess it will even out at some point.

Six and I are in desperate need of female friends to hang out with, so I'm going to try my best.

In other news, Six's soon to be ex-Mr. Six is off to the other side of the country to visit his girlfriend. Although the thought of it fills me with trepedation, I wish them the best in what they're seeking. And wish him safe travels.

Mr. Six and I go back as long as Six and I do. We used to be so simpatico that Six called us twins separated at birth. But then, his wonderfully witty, sarcastic sense of humor became a bit dark, bitter and twisted for my sensitive little head, and he began getting into the whole spending time on the computer thing and we sort of drifted apart.

I miss my buddy, but people do grow and change. And so we did.

I guess that's when Six and I really got closer. It was always the three of us before. Sully was actively whoring, we hadn't yet met Todd and H, and Six's dad's first bar was the place to be.

I'll always remember and smile.

Now though, it feels like an ending. A hard and fast ending. I have a deep sense that I won't be seeing Mr. Six so much in the future. He seems to be looking to completely renovate his life and I am guessing that his girlfriend has much the same in mind. She and I go back longer than me and Six. But, were never as close. Even having been roommates in college, we never seemed to have much in common. Like Mr. Six, her humor was dark, bitter and twisted, something I've never been able to identify with. There may have been a couple of movies we had a common interest in, but nothing of substance. We never seemed to understand one another. But, we tried.

We kept in touch enough to plan a couple of cruises with Six in the last two years. Even sharing a room built for two, with me on the floor between the beds because the cruise line screwed up.

But still, we never seemed to have much to talk about. So it will probably go to the wayside with the advent of this new relationship that seems to be uprooting the two of them in some unknown direction. In truth, we seem to have lost contact since Six and Mr. Six split.

And that's OK. We need to surround ourselves with people that enhance us. And we never did that for eachother.

I guess we all look into the actions and decisions of others and see a better way. I'm absolutely certain that Mr. Six and Six are not meant to be together anymore. Six has gone in one direction and is so happy, successful and confident in her choices. She seemed to "find herself" a few years ago and has blossomed into a woman who will one day be read by millions. A woman of substance and stories. And an incredible understanding of human nature and business. So much so that she has received an offer states away for a big important position.

Mr. Weasel has done much the same in his own way. He discovered comouters and way off color humor (bwahahahaha). He finally found a nitch in the computer field and seems to have settled in. He is taking steps to become healthy and fit. He too seems to be on to something.

Where Six retained her roots, improve upon them, and grew closer to them, so did Mr. Six. Only, his roots, which weren't so apparent during our college days and the years following, were contrasting.

Its funny, I saw it coming as early as a few years ago. They were always the odd couple from across the tracks for eachother who were so mad about eachother it didn't register. As a couple they were unique. Inspriational. Interesting.

But as their roots took hold, their connection became week and fragile.

I think things like this are meant to happen. Sometimes marriage is forever, sometime its not. When marriage impedes true happiness and health, its time to move on. Well done.

But, I want so much for Mr. Six to be strong, safe, happy and healthy. And my intuition is telling me the opposite.

Some friends do things so right in my eyes. Others seem to walk in footsteps I've taken and I want to scream and shake them and give them a taste of what those footsteps were like. But we each learn in our own way, our own time. And I may be very wrong.

I hope I'm wrong and I wish he and his, with all my heart, happiness and fulfillment.

It could be, after all, that I'm just being a bit of an alarmist. Like an overbearing mother who is never happy with her children's choices in spouse seeing fire and brimstone in the future.

But, hey, I have a life of my own to monitor. God knows my friends have looked at some of my choices and shaken their heads. My gay boyfriend traumatized the lot. So, when I feel like my advice and intuition are worth something, I'll become a therapist and get paid for it.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to Halloween festivities, going Goth clubbing with Ryan, enjoying my cool new hair and CRUISING in less than three weeks.

Things that sooth the soul and bring my focus back where it should be. On me. Because, I ROCK!!!

Vacation is a lovely thing... Oh, did I tell you? I'm on vacation all week. Is that cool or what?


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