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12:57 p.m. - 2005-10-27
Ramblings and inflamation
My doggie has skin issues. She's had them on and off for years. The vet says its because she has sensitive skin.

I say its because my step-dad is an idiot.

For the third time, I rifled through the dog box to find a can of bug spray that he's been using on her skin and fur to keep fleas off.

He is basically using RAID on the dog instead of an anti-flea and tick spray for application on the animal.

He should be very relieved that he wasn't home when I discovered this.

Most likely, the RAID was less expensive than an actual dog spray. Which is no excuse, given I'm in charge of her healthcare purchases. But since he wants to be the care taker, he wanted to buy his own stuff to prove that he's useful. Except that he poisoned the damn dog to prove he can take care of her.

Freakin idiot.

I'll be doing weekly checks of the dog box to make sure he isn't feeding her rat poison instead of dog treats.

Between him, my mom, and PMS this week, I've been rather irritated. As in, I've been holed up in my apartment not contacting anyone because I've been so cranky. It doesn't happen often, but I know well enough that this is a time for inner reflection and not socialization. Its kinda nice though. I have so much energy from the PMS that I got six loads of laundry done last night as well as cooking a real dinner.

PMS is like adrenaline.

I'll be fine by tomorrow though. I'm almost fine now. Just slightly temperamental around the edges.

Trick or treat is tonight. I'm not getting into costume though. The makeup alone to way too much work. I never realized how little makeup I really wear until I went punk/goth for a night.


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