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9:47 a.m. - 2005-10-28
My new hair rocks so much. I'm almost in love with it.

What I wish I had now is a new wardrobe. I have exactly two work shirts, one turtle fur coat, one foul weather coat, 20 t-shirts from a craft store, two sweaters, three pairs of black pants and two pairs of jeans.

This is what I wear day in and day out. Because I suck and I can't find clothes that don't suck. Anything new I've bought has shrunk on contact with cold water, stretched out to look like a baby shirt, fallen apart or faded in two washings.

Clothes suck.

But I need some.

And why can't someone make shirts that do not show off my belly? Everything is so freaking short, and with my boobies being so prominent, they make my belly show.

Its freakin cold outside and my belly wants to be covered so as to prevent frost bite and such.


One week and two days till warm weather and toasty bellies all around.

I'm going to go get some cheese to go with this whine.


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