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1:31 p.m. - 2005-11-01
I've gone on a shopping spree thanks to my Christmas Club! I got a denim jacket, a black velvet blazer, a burgundy corderoy jacket, three sexy tank tops for dinner and dancing activities, one half sweater, and three work shirts. Oh, and one very cute, faux fur trimmed winter jacket.

That ate up about half the Christmas Club savings, but was oh so necessary. Now I just need a couple pairs of work pants to round out the wardrobe for the fall/winter/spring.

I feel so cool right now!

Six and I are at T minus 4.5 days till we CRUISE baby!!! The only purchase yet to be made is a good, frivolous, trashy, fun romance novel. Maybe.

Six and I were talking about romance this weekend. We (mostly I) mooshed all weekend between bar hopping sessions and wasted away in romantic films one after another.

Bey0nd B0rders, Chasing L1berty, the Pres1dents Daughter, you name it, I watched it. It was warm, fuzzy, dreamy and ...

Fucking depressing.

Yeah, depressing. Because it never happens like that, it never feels like that and God didn't make "them" like that. So you get your little head all full of the notion of idealistic, compassionate, brilliant, strong, passionate, capable, manly assholes who make you tingle from head to toe and Six gets "G" and I get the man from the psycho ward of a local hospital who is on an outpatient basis now and thinks that I walk on water.

I know I fucking walk on water, but where are the sane men with the aforementioned qualities who think so as well?

Six, Dee and I have come up with a plan to socialize where we normally wouldn't, which for us means hanging out with normal people who have jobs and dress well instead of bars where the men have recently gotten out of jail, the mental ward or are old enough to be our grandpappy, have no teeth and smell bad.

Six is basically looking for a redneck/artsy asshole with MUCHO energy. Dee needs a short, preppy asshole with a penchant for fun. And I want an earthy, idealistic, moderate, worldly asshole who enjoys a variety of social settings and is as comfortable out of doors as within. Someone centered with bursts of energy, a decent moral ethic, depth of charactor and challenging in a good way.

Where can we go to find all three?

Your guess is as good as mine. But we'll let you know.

Oh yeah, I think I lost my cell phone. I'll look once more, then I'm going to get a new one. SUCKS!

I'm going to give the car another thorough check, but I might end up getting a new phone. Again.



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