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9:39 p.m. - 2005-11-02
Phone karma.
I've been saved.

Everyone, let's have a moment of silence for the Spr1nt man who took pity on me and put me back in cell phone business.

I called then today to tell them that I've been a doofus and either lost or had my phone stolen. Ive been phoneless for two days now and I feel so vulnerable and like I'm missing out on everything.

The customer service rep said I could have 150 off any phone I chose to replace it. He noted my acct and told me to go to the store and have them look it up.

So, I went to the store, happy as a clam, to buy the el cheapo model this time for a couple bucks. And I was informed that the rep was wrong and no I do not qualify for a discount, and won't for another year and ten months.

I was about to cry, but held fast and tried to negotiate, but "policy" laid a smackdown on my candy ass and defeated me through and through.

So I started mumbling about what the other options were, because the cheapest phone was 150, a canceling the plan was 150 and there were no other options.

Then I mumbled about my old phone I still have which is crap because it drowned a few times, had been dropped daily and had a battery life of 1 hour. And I continued mumbling about how I replaced it because the battery was more expensive than a whole new phone, etc.

And just announced that my life sucked. So the dude asked what kind it was and walked back into his closet, and came out with a brand spankin new battery for me.

I almost cried again. I wanted to hug him in all his frizzy clown haired glory. He was balding on top and had these longish frizzball tufts above his ears that made him look like a latino clown. He was kinda cute, like my old dentist.

Anyway, I am now charging up my old phone and will be taking it in tomorrow to get it activated.

So, I suck. It sucks. But I was humbled by this man who desired to do a good dead for someone.

I think its the hair...


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