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10:37 a.m. - 2005-11-04
I didn't want to wake up this morning. I was sleeping so soundly and having fun dreams and it felt like vacation already. And my bed felt all soft and cuddly.

I want to go back.

Instead, I'm leaving here in an hour to do to the Doc's office to talk about upcoming surgery/methods/treatments and dates. Blech. Its all good though. I'll get over this hump, have a few more years sans surgery and eventually either have a kid or go through menopause and be rid of the stupid fuckified tumors for good.


I'm angry at them.

The tumors.

I want them to go fuck themselves.

I think this is a healthy enough attitude.

Deep breathing...

OK. So, after the appt I get to to to the craft store to pick up a few 3 buck t-shirts in pretty colors because they are cheap and look nice with shorts, jeans and athletic wear. Just the sort of thing you want on a cruise. 3 dollar t-shirts in every color of the rainbow rock. Oh, and a book for the cruise. Something non-romancy, but instead adventurous and a little scary. Not sure what that would be.

Then I'm meeting a friend for Taco Bell and a movie. We're going to see Pr1me. It looks hysterical. Just the way to start a vacation. 9 full days of work soberness.

I don't feel vacationy yet. No excitement. No thoughts of relaxation. No anticipation. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm on vacation until I'm half way through. I need to work on that.

Send me happy vacation vibes everyone!


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