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2:07 p.m. - 2005-11-15
Mish mash
I've been keeping my phone attached to my hip all afternoon in anticipation of Max calling. He said he would call if he got an opportunity to leave the ship, but that he would trade Sunday for today if it meant he could get more time in Bawlmer.

Its kinda cool. I watch the ship's itinerary to see where he is. Today is Cozumel. Tomorrow is Costa Maya. Friday is Port Canaveral, then Bawlmer on Sunday.

Then, sadly, he is off to a new home port in Tampa, Florida. I think Six and I should make it down at least once to visit our friend until he comes back to Bawlmer in May. Its only an hour and a half from our friends' home in Orlando, so we could get everyone visited at the same time.

So, something to think about.

Moving on to work. I have my one on one today, and things look good. I'm getting another raise next year first quarter. That should help with the debt payoff and all the travel plans I have for next year. Since I'm having surgery, I'll have a couple weeks of vacation that'll have to be bumped to next year. That's good, because it gives me plenty of time to go to Chicago, Florida and Ireland. And maybe squeeze in a cruise if Max and I remain friends and he can get me on for half price. I would definately do the Bermuda cruise again. Its so much more fun to be docked overnight and be able to run around without watching the clock.

I have a lot to look forward to. Surgery next month. And yes, I'm looking forward to it, because I am in so much freakin pain today that I could scream. Its going to get worse over the next couple of days too.

Deep breathing. Lots of water. Happy thoughts, and lots of tylenol are keeping me going. Tylenol PM is good stuff too. Keeps me from waking up with my belly feeling like there's an alien hatching out of it.

This female crap is bullshit. I've got just about every issue a woman can get to make her wish she weren't a woman. Well, that and the ability to pee standing up. That's pretty cool.

It'll all be over for a while though come December 16. Once I recuperate, I'll be good to go for a couple years.

Yeah. Can't wait...


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